A Message from Sherpa's President: New Year, New Start!

By Kevin Ogrodnik

2012 was a year of uncertainty with new elections, laws, policies and products affecting business, people and every day life. We are hoping 2013 will provide a clearer way forward. To meet the changing needs of customers, we reviewed 2012 and made our 2013 new years resolutions. Our goal is to meet these ever evolving needs of our customers and the market, and we have constructed 2013 resolutions to do so:

1.) Our customers will require not only great products, but additional services that provide a complete solution. Our resolution is to be a complete solutions provider to our customers in our specific areas of expertise by providing consulting, configuration, training and other service to ensure our customers’ needs for archiving, e-Discovery and PST migration and managing are all met in a one-stop shop.

2.) Customers environments continue to evolve and differ from customer to customer with each of them needing more specific solutions to their particular business. Our second resolution is to provide customization for customer’s specific needs around their environment around our expertise of Exchange, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, IBM Connections and PST files.

3.) The cloud continues to change the IT world for our customers. Our third resolution will introduce Attender Online, a new cloud product that will provide the flexibility and scalability customers are used to with cloud solutions for email, file, SharePoint,and content management across multiple data silos.

Happy New Year and don’t worry – we plan to keep our new year’s resolutions!

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