E-Discovery Implications for Social Media

There’s an old joke where a man asks his wife, “Why do you always answer my questions with another question?” – To which she replies, “Why wouldn’t I answer your question with another question?” At Sherpa, we’re starting to be … Read More

Document Retention: Beyond the Software

What does “document retention” mean to you? More importantly, what (or who) is the driving force behind managing user information? Whether they’re looking to preserve, mine and/or retrieve data, or simply manage data storage and retention, Sherpa Software’s customers are … Read More

Mail Attender versus Exchange 2010

Here at Sherpa Software, we get asked all the time: “Which version of Exchange do I need in order to use Mail Attender?” or “If I upgrade to Exchange 2010, can I still use Mail Attender?” This brief video covers … Read More

Special Considerations When Searching Lotus Notes Files

In past postings, we’ve discussed some general e-Discovery issues: setting up a search plan, best practices, coping with Boolean logic, etc. This time out, I’d like to focus on some of specifics of searching within Lotus Notes, particularly some obscure … Read More

New Features in Discovery Attender 3.7

Currently undergoing Beta testing, Discovery Attender 3.7 is scheduled for release by the end of second quarter 2011. In other words, pretty darn soon! Version 3.7 is a major release with lots of new features and upgrades that will excite … Read More

THE JOY OF BOOLEAN (Thoughts on crafting effective search syntax)

It may not seem obvious, but crafting search syntax is often a difficult part of the search equation. It’s reasonable to assume that most search tools on the market today are going to use Boolean logic to define the search … Read More