XPages Meets Discovery Attender

Sherpa Software makes an effort to be up-to-speed on industry related products, services and the latest technology. Recently, we made our initial dive into XPages, specifically targeting the Discovery Attender Results database. We are planning on eventually mirroring all client-based … Read More

Mail Attender Health Check-Up

For those of you who have reached that magic age, you know that you should see your doctor annually for a complete physical. Your Domino messaging environment is also deserving of having a health check-up to not only ensure that … Read More

What Are Your Pains?

Like a doctor diagnosing the cause of pain, Sherpa Software wants to be able to address ‘where it hurts’. However, unlike the popular television show House (for those of you who have seen the show), we are not only interested … Read More

Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes (May 2012)

In Discovery Attender 8.1.25, a new architecture for the Discovery Attender Results database was introduced. This architectural change provided Sherpa’s development team with the ability to leverage many new ideas which are becoming a reality within Discovery Attender 8.1.28. Scheduled … Read More

New Features in Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes!

Sherpa Software is preparing for the new release of our Discovery Attender for Notes 8.1.25 product which promises to include noticeable difference to our end users. The Discovery Attender Results database has undergone quite a transformation. Not only has the … Read More

Troubleshooting Profile Document Caching in Domino

Sherpa Software’s Domino server software professionals have helped numerous customers navigate not only their email management, compliance and ediscovery challenges, but also provided help and support surrounding Notes/Domino issues in general. In this instance, our own Domino server software environment … Read More