Using fields of type 'Formula' and hiding design

For those of you who are ISVs and hide the design of your Domino databases to protect your investment, we have found something and I thought I’d share not only the problem (and irony), but the also the solution. We … Read More

Shared LotusScript Actions and Hiding Design

Hiding the design of a Domino server software database offers some interesting issues (i.e. when you have shared actions within forms/views) that are using LotusScript code. The problem is that sometimes the shared actions will cause ‘Use LSX’ errors when … Read More

R8 'size' column feature

For those of you who don’t know, there is a great new column feature for numerical values within views in Domino server software. The ‘Bytes (K/M/G)’ type automatically displays a ‘k’, ‘m’ or ‘g’ depending upon the value within each … Read More

Using directory links on your Notes client

I’m sure most of you know that the Domino Directory Link functionality is a very useful feature on the Domino servers. It allows Domino to connect to a device other than its own hard drives. Since I have multiple versions … Read More

Directory links for subfolders

When needing to create a Domino server software directory link for subfolders, you need to be sure to not try to accomplish the task all in one step. For instance, if you want to create a folder structure for a … Read More

Domino Help – How does it work?

Have you ever tried to duplicate the navigation method that Domino uses within the Domino Help databases? It is not fully dependent upon the design of the database, but also what the name of the Category is within the Database … Read More