Two E-Discovery Cases We Can Learn From

Many times have we alluded to the importance of e-discovery in litigation and legal proceedings. In getting down to brass tacks, it’s important to realize that the discoverability of sensitive documents, emails, and other files (and the contents of these … Read More

Email & Document Metadata in Electronic Data Discovery

Do you ever think about thinking? You read correctly. Think – about thinking. Whether you think so or not, it’s likely that you do so on a regular basis. It’s called ‘metacognition’ – or ‘cognition about cognition.’ Every time you … Read More

The Importance of Early Case Assessment Software in the Age of ESI

Think about the past few years. Can you count – with the number of pennies in one hundred dollars – how many emails you’ve sent and received? How about the number of instant messages (IMs) you’ve exchanged? If you’ve been … Read More

Webinar: Overview of New Data Analysis Tool, Report Attender

Sherpa Software recently held a webinar to showcase our latest data analysis / early case assessment tool, Report Attender. Product Manager Marta Farensbach was on hand to give participants a view of the story behind Report Attender, a brief product … Read More

Discovery Attender by the Numbers

Is e-discovery important to your organization? Sherpa recently surveyed hundreds of IT influencers, from our product usage, to gain insight into to trending needs and concerns. See for yourself!

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Discovery Attender 3.8!

The release of Version 3.8 of Discovery Attender is just around the corner!   Users will find improvement in all aspects of the application from a refreshed interface to updated views.  Read on for a glimpse of what’s coming… Preview Pane … Read More