Mail Attender versus Exchange 2010

Here at Sherpa Software, we get asked all the time: “Which version of Exchange do I need in order to use Mail Attender?” or “If I upgrade to Exchange 2010, can I still use Mail Attender?” This brief video covers … Read More

We Can't Help You with That

Introduction We have been asked by customers and potential customers to help them write their policies related to electronic document and records management. As much as we would love to help, our answer has to be no. But why? The … Read More

Exceptions in Ediscovery Searching

One of the key components of the electronic discovery process is the ability to cull and filter data. In an ideal world, your criteria would be run against easily accessible custodian data stores. With a few clicks of some fancy … Read More

Sherpa Software Electronic Discovery & Email Management Enterprise Solutions

Did you know Sherpa Software‘s Attender Utility solutions provide enterprise organizations extensive email management, PST administration, content filtering, electronic discovery and policy enforcement capabilities? Our solutions were developed to be as non-invasive as possible and do not require any additional … Read More

Special Considerations When Searching Lotus Notes Files

In past postings, we’ve discussed some general e-Discovery issues: setting up a search plan, best practices, coping with Boolean logic, etc. This time out, I’d like to focus on some of specifics of searching within Lotus Notes, particularly some obscure … Read More

Sherpa Software's Discovery Attender Product Overview

Just recently released to YouTube, Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender product overview video gives a great high-level summary of our product in a very interesting video format. Sherpa’s Discovery Attender is an ediscovery solution that makes searches for ediscovery, security, HR … Read More