Sherpa Software's Discovery Attender Product Overview

Just recently released to YouTube, Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender product overview video gives a great high-level summary of our product in a very interesting video format. Sherpa’s Discovery Attender is an ediscovery solution that makes searches for ediscovery, security, HR … Read More

Why Focus on Ediscovery?

This is a small excerpt from a recent whitepaper entitled, “The Concise Guide to EDiscovery” which introduces several ediscovery best practices for IT professionals just starting to get a handle on it. This whitepaper talks about why ediscovery is something … Read More

An Integrated Electronic Communication Management Solution

Many IBM Lotus Domino administrators are tasked with effectively collecting, efficiently storing and accurately retrieving an organization’s electronic mail data. The fact is, much like having a network firewall, having a solid email retention and discovery policy and a supporting … Read More

Compliance Attender Ease of Use Features

If you have used Domino’s Mail Rules feature to support a compliance and email retention policy, you know how painful it can be to use the data entry form. For example, if you made a typographical error in one of … Read More

New Features in Discovery Attender 3.7

Currently undergoing Beta testing, Discovery Attender 3.7 is scheduled for release by the end of second quarter 2011. In other words, pretty darn soon! Version 3.7 is a major release with lots of new features and upgrades that will excite … Read More

THE JOY OF BOOLEAN (Thoughts on crafting effective search syntax)

It may not seem obvious, but crafting search syntax is often a difficult part of the search equation. It’s reasonable to assume that most search tools on the market today are going to use Boolean logic to define the search … Read More