Terminology in Electronic Discovery

Customers of Sherpa Software’s electronic discovery tool, Discovery Attender, come from a variety of backgrounds. Users range from dedicated IT professionals with little knowledge of legal terms to legal professionals with vague ideas regarding technical nomenclature. There are a variety … Read More

Misconceptions About Email Retention Policies

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Sherpa Enhancements in 2011

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Journaling vs. Archiving

Managing an organization’s email server archive can seem like a night time hike over rocky ground. There are frequently conflicting requirements and policies ready to trip you up (storage constraints, e-discovery demands, legal compliance, user access, etc.) Even the terminology … Read More

Top Electronic Discovery Resolutions for the New Year

In the spirit of the season, the support team here at Sherpa Software have come up with a list of suggested New Year’s Resolutions for beleaguered  IT admins and legal professionals dealing with electronic discovery and other information management challenges. … Read More

What Are Outbound Email Messages Costing Your Company?

Despite some sensational claims that email is dead, we can probably agree that we will have email for many years to come. It remains a core business tool. However, maintaining an email infrastructure doesn’t come cheaply. In addition to the … Read More