Mail Attender Processing Speed Increased

My mom always told me that if something appears too good to be true, that it probably is. This statement holds true in many things, including programming in LotusScript. We have found a property within the NotesView class that appeared … Read More

Mail Attender vs. Domino – Quotas

One of the most popular features of Mail Attender is its ability to set a Quota on a mail file. Right away you might be asking, “Why would I want to buy this when I can use the quotas that … Read More

What's New in Discovery Attender?

Every so often we have the opportunity at Sherpa to ease back, put our feet up, dream of sitting on a beach with our toes in the sand, sipping a nice drink of our choice and watching the world go … Read More

IBM Connect 2013 Wrap-Up

Year 20 of the conference formerly known as Lotusphere kicked off and brought many changes for the crowd that bleeds yellow.  Right from the start, you could tell it was going to be different.  Some embraced the “IBM Connect” change, … Read More

A Lotus Notes History Lesson

Given the amount of fun we had writing our Microsoft Exchange history lesson, we figured we’d take the time (and enjoyment) to come up with a similar history lesson for Lotus Notes. Just as we did for Exchange, we’ve included … Read More

XPages Meets Discovery Attender

Sherpa Software makes an effort to be up-to-speed on industry related products, services and the latest technology. Recently, we made our initial dive into XPages, specifically targeting the Discovery Attender Results database. We are planning on eventually mirroring all client-based … Read More