Cloud Offering for Sherpa Software Lotus Notes Products

Within the past two years, we have heard a few customers asking about ‘Cloud’ solutions for their mail archives, graveyards and journals. This was not a feature that we offered, however, Sherpa is very happy to report, that this has … Read More

Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes (May 2012)

In Discovery Attender 8.1.25, a new architecture for the Discovery Attender Results database was introduced. This architectural change provided Sherpa’s development team with the ability to leverage many new ideas which are becoming a reality within Discovery Attender 8.1.28. Scheduled … Read More

Sherpa Software Streamlines Data Analysis for ECA, Compliance, and Storage Administration

Report Attender Mines an Organization’s Most Valuable Electronically Stored Information: Answering Critical Questions about Content, Size, Age and Importance. PITTSBURGH, PA – May 8, 2012 – Sherpa Software, a leading provider of e-Discovery and information management solutions, today announced the … Read More

Mail Attender Attachment Archiving vs. Domino DAOS

At Sherpa Software, we’re often asked how Mail Attender’s Attachment Archiving feature compares to DAOS, which can be obtained inherently within IBM Domino. While DAOS does a good job, it comes down to the question; “What is your main goal … Read More

New Features in Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes!

Sherpa Software is preparing for the new release of our Discovery Attender for Notes 8.1.25 product which promises to include noticeable difference to our end users. The Discovery Attender Results database has undergone quite a transformation. Not only has the … Read More

Compliance Attender Product Update: Graveyard Review

Compliance Attender for Lotus Notes is designed to intercept, inspect and manage email communications in real-time. It is designed as a series of modules that satisfy specific business needs. Based on the modules needed and the rules that are set … Read More