Mail Attender versus Exchange 2010

Here at Sherpa Software, we get asked all the time: “Which version of Exchange do I need in order to use Mail Attender?” or “If I upgrade to Exchange 2010, can I still use Mail Attender?” This brief video covers … Read More

Information Management Challenges: Retention Policies & Exchange 2010

To address your organization’s information management challenges, Microsoft has revamped the way in which you can reduce their legal risks associated with email communications. The Exchange 2010 Messaging Records Management (MRM) feature uses retention policies and tags to achieve this … Read More

Installing the Discovery Attender SharePoint Component

Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender is installed on a workstation, laptop or server that has access to the location where Exchange mail, PSTs or other files you wish to search are stored. However, a separately licensed, optional component allows Discovery Attender … Read More

Migrate PST Files with Mail Attender for Exchange

Did you know Sherpa Software’s Mail Attender for Exchange’s PST tools can help solve your PST migration challenges? This video tutorial outlines how PST files, located either on the network or individual user desktops, can be imported into Microsoft Exchange … Read More

Sherpa Software – Mail Attender for Exchange Product Overview

For over 10 years, Sherpa’s Mail Attender for Microsoft Exchange has been the premier, award-winning solution for companies of all types and sizes. Mail Attender’s mature yet flexible rules set will supply your organization with options to target your messages, … Read More

Planning to Eliminate PST Files with Exchange 2010

Last month I attended Microsoft’s Tech-Ed event in Atlanta where Sherpa was invited to host two Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions. With over 7500 paid attendees the conference represented an impressive cross section of IT professionals who work with Microsoft technology on a daily … Read More