Avoiding Mishaps in eDiscovery Collections

Information Technology (IT) professionals are often at the forefront of in-house eDiscovery collections. These responsibilities are often thrust upon unsuspecting technical personnel with little notice, detail or even training. Because of the nature of their work, IT can be deposed or … Read More

Potential eDiscovery implications of upcoming changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP)

It’s no secret that the eDiscovery process is time-consuming and expensive – and not just in the obvious sense, such as the costs of having legal teams and forensics experts pour through data, looking for responsive content in electronically stored … Read More

Reducing the cost of email management

What is email management? That is a question that will evoke many different answers, but the common theme would be that it involves the automatic deletion and/or archiving of messages. That seems like a valid statement – but the fact … Read More

Wildcards, Phrases, and Other Search Syntax Sundries

At Sherpa Software, we strive to make our products easy and intuitive, but we still get calls from customers wanting help crafting their keyword search syntax. The key things to understand are the differences between the Word List (Any), Word … Read More

What's new in Discovery Attender in 2013?

So far this year, we have been adding quite a bit of functionality to Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes. Most of the changes are due to customer requests, but some are the result of ideas that fellow Sherpas have had. … Read More

IBM Connections Explained, Part III: What is Stored, and What Isn’t

Companies that are actively adopting social platforms, such as IBM Connections, are finding success in terms of conducting their internal business. With the inception of these social programs, companies are finding it easier to collaborate and share data.  Gone are the … Read More