Mail Attender Version 5; Supports Office 365 & Exchange 2013

This video is intended to provide a preview of new features introduced in Mail Attender version 5.0. Existing customers should watch this before installing or updating to 5.0. Version 5.0 includes a roll-up of all hotfixes that were previously released … Read More

What's to Be Done with PSTs: Capture, Migrate, Eliminate?

This article was originally publishedby B. K. Winstead in Exchange and Outlook Blog on March 28, 2013 If a tool falls in the marketplace and no one notices, does it make a sound? Or rather, is it a tool anyone needs? Last month, Microsoft … Read More

Update: Microsoft's PST Capture Lifts 1,000 User Limit

You might have heard that Microsoft recently lifted the 1,000 user limit on its PST Capture tool, which is used primarily for PST migration.  Although this sounds like great news for companies exceeding 1,000 users, you may want to do … Read More

New Mail Attender Features

Just in time for the new year, the developer elves at Sherpa have cooked up a fresh service pack for Mail Attender 4.7, including a number of handy new features that you may find useful. First off, it’s now possible to … Read More

The Sherpa Approach – A PST Migration Case Study

The best way to understand the complexities of PST migration is to look at a specific business case example. A leading global payment services company, with over 10,000 users, was tasked with locating all PST data throughout their network and … Read More

Importing PST Files into Exchange Mailboxes

Sherpa Software regularly distributes a series of short “how-to” videos that outline how to perform specific tasks using our Attender Utilities for Exchange products. We recently gave a facelift to one of the most popular of these instructional pieces, PST Migration with … Read More