Sherpa Supports a Wide Range of Email Archiving Options

Increasing volumes of electronic data coupled with the associated costs of email data storage and management are prompting many companies in the SMB market to consider archiving options. Sherpa Software is committed to offering our customers tools that help them craft an archiving … Read More

Working With PSTs in Exchange 2010 – Podcast

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Options to Import Desktop PST Files

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Mail Attender and Cloud Computing

When Sherpa Software attended Microsoft Tech-Ed in June, it was clear that many of the attendees were trying to get a handle on the information management challenges associated with cloud computing. Whether you view the cloud as hype or hope, you can’t afford … Read More

PST's Gone Wild!!!

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A Few PST Management Challenges

Thousands of regulations set in place over the past few years require organizations to retain their electronically stored information for compliance reasons. While some of this information is located in centralized data stores and is easily accessible, research reveals that a … Read More