Apple v. Samsung: Email Retention & Litigation Hold Policy Shortcomings

In one of the most lopsided litigations of our time, Samsung was smacked with $1 billion in damages owed to Apple for its infringement upon multiple Apple-held patents. While the jury did not find Samsung guilty of all charges, they … Read More

How to Journal Email with Compliance Attender for Lotus Notes

Overview In a previous article, we explained what email journaling is, why you might want to journal your email and how to set up journaling on your IBM Lotus Domino server. If you have been using Domino’s built-in journaling, it … Read More

New Video: How to Journal Email with IBM Lotus Domino

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Preparing for an E-Discovery Search

Many people become puzzled when responding to an e-Discovery request.  Often times, a person will begin searching and not realize that some preparations should to be made prior to doing so.  To save time (and therefore money), it is a … Read More

Keep it to Yourself

April was officially recognized by the Association of Records Management and Administrators (ARMA) as Records & Information Management month. This year’s theme is ‘Keep it to Yourself’, a campaign to raise awareness about the sensitive nature of electronically stored information … Read More

How to Journal Email with IBM Lotus Domino

Introduction Today, we want to show you how to set-up journaling on your IBM Lotus Domino server. For this article, we will assume that you either are a Domino Administrator or are familiar, to some extent, with Domino server administration. … Read More