Cloud Offering for Sherpa Software Lotus Notes Products

Within the past two years, we have heard a few customers asking about ‘Cloud’ solutions for their mail archives, graveyards and journals. This was not a feature that we offered, however, Sherpa is very happy to report, that this has … Read More

Email Journaling in MS Exchange: The Good, the Bad, & the Journal

There are numerous organizations that need to retain their Exchange data or perform e-Discovery searches.  One of the challenges in doing so is that end-users can delete this data. Email journaling will ensure that even if your user deletes an … Read More

Compliance Attender Product Update: Graveyard Review

Compliance Attender for Lotus Notes is designed to intercept, inspect and manage email communications in real-time. It is designed as a series of modules that satisfy specific business needs. Based on the modules needed and the rules that are set … Read More

Survey Results: Email Regulatory Compliance

A study completed last year among business email users revealed some alarming, if not surprising, results. Evidently, there is still a high degree of risk for both employees and organizations in how private and confidential information is handled within email. … Read More

Preparing for Information Management 2012

Can you remember back to 1999? The millennium was approaching and the IT world was surrounded with Y2K fears and misconceptions. Preparations were extensive; conceiving doom and gloom scenarios seemed to be a national pastime. Millions of hours and billions … Read More

The FRCP & E-Discovery Software

The FRCP, E-Discovery & Your Business While the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) may seem complicated, there is one point it makes with absolute clarity: businesses should have an enforced e-discovery and data retention policy. While this intimidating piece … Read More