Formulating an effective data leak strategy

Information security has certainly been the subject of headline news lately. Most of the press revolves around the WikiLeaks story but within the last thirty days both McDonalds and Walgreens have also publicly acknowledged the loss of customer data providing grim evidence … Read More

Compliance Attender Tackles Phishing SPAM

Like many others, Sherpa Software was hit earlier this month by SPAM. Links, purporting to come from the social media site LinkedIn, led end-users to an attack web site. Initially, these messages were slipping past our primary email filter. Since … Read More

Email Classification – What and Why?

Along with other information management challenges, classification of e-mail messages is becoming more important is some sectors. E-mail classification is a way of flagging or tagging messages as being of a certain type. For example, a message might be classified … Read More

Overview of Electronic Discovery Features in Exchange 2010

Recently, Sherpa Software sponsored a webinar on the new features of Exchange 2010. While my colleagues focused on compliance, email management, and PST migration, my segment focused on the e-discovery features released in the new version plus the enhancements included … Read More

Profanity Police… Usage Policies in Electronic Communication

Goldman Sachs, an urban investment group focused on revitalizing communities, recently made headlines by announcing a new policy to eliminate profanity from its internal email correspondence.  This policy was the direct result of a business-wide review triggered from a U.S. … Read More

Understanding Archiving and E-Discovery Limitations in Exchange 2010

According to a recent survey of 1,000 Exchange administrators, reported in our latest whitepaper, “Waiting to Upgrade: Understanding Archiving and Ediscovery Limitations in Exchange 2010,” only 30% of respondents plan to upgrade to Exchange 2010 immediately. With the promise of new and … Read More