New Jobs at Sherpa

We try to use this blog to bring you the newest information about compliance, email and ediscovery solutions, however sometimes we need to pause for a quick commercial break. Here are some of the latest job postings from Sherpa Software. … Read More

Part 3: What data do you need to keep?

So now comes the million dollar question and one of the biggest information management challanges IT administrators face: What data to keep? So where do you begin? It really depends on who you ask and a lot of it goes … Read More

Part 4: Data Storage and Access

So, you’ve started working on defining your policy and have a handle on what data to keep, now the next big questions is: Where do I keep the information? Knowing where data is stored and who has access to it … Read More

Part 5: What to look for in a solution

So now the hard work is done. You’ve built your compliance and email policy and you are ready to implement and enforce. When exploring mail archiving software, doing your research is a critical step. First, you will want to look … Read More

Part 2: Driving Factors to Your Email Retention Policy

Before you can ever look at email archiving systems, you have to determine what factors are driving the need to manage your data. Many things can and will drive your policy. The most common concerns or drivers include legal, human … Read More

Part 1: Building Email Retention Policies

One of the many things I focus on in my day job is Email Management. Helping customers once they’ve built a Compliance and Email Management policy is usually where I come in. When installing our Email Archiving Systems, I tend … Read More