Installing the Discovery Attender SharePoint Component

Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender is installed on a workstation, laptop or server that has access to the location where Exchange mail, PSTs or other files you wish to search are stored. However, a separately licensed, optional component allows Discovery Attender … Read More

Sherpa Talks Exchange 2010 and More at Tech-Ed 2011

Sherpa Software’s VP of Product Development, Tom Hand sat down with Penton Media at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011 to discuss what’s new with Sherpa’s Exchange Server 2010 solutions as well as other industry trends like searching SharePoint files. Check out the … Read More

New Features in Discovery Attender 3.7

Currently undergoing Beta testing, Discovery Attender 3.7 is scheduled for release by the end of second quarter 2011. In other words, pretty darn soon! Version 3.7 is a major release with lots of new features and upgrades that will excite … Read More

Domino Server Software Solution: Tricking SharePoint into Respecting Notes URLs

At Sherpa Software, we use a combination of IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint data stores. Some repositories are for internal audiences and others for external. We are not alone in this, I am sure. The prevalence of both products … Read More