Cloud Offering for Sherpa Software Lotus Notes Products

Within the past two years, we have heard a few customers asking about ‘Cloud’ solutions for their mail archives, graveyards and journals. This was not a feature that we offered, however, Sherpa is very happy to report, that this has … Read More

Are Exchange Server 2010's Discovery Capabilities Enough?

First appeared in TechTarget April 04/2012 Email messages are becoming increasingly important in legal proceedings. But if you don’t have the proper tools to collect, manage and search those messages, you could end up spending a lot more than you … Read More

The Evolution of Email [Infographic]

Below is an interesting infographic on Sherpa Software’s favorite topic, email, courtesy of Microsoft.  The infographic walks us through the evolution and history of email and how it has transformed the way we all interact.

E-Discovery in Microsoft Exchange 2010: Part 6

The following post is part six of a nine part video/blog series on e-discovery in Microsoft Exchange 2010. In last week’s post, Paul and Marta discussed some of the litigation hold features that Exchange 2010 offers. In this week’s segment, … Read More

On-Premises vs. Cloud Computing

Much of the recent hype in technology has been related to cloud computing. Innovations in business applications as well as ones targeted to consumers have an element of a service-based architecture.  It appears everyone assumes that “the cloud” is the wave … Read More

Mail Attender Attachment Archiving vs. Domino DAOS

At Sherpa Software, we’re often asked how Mail Attender’s Attachment Archiving feature compares to DAOS, which can be obtained inherently within IBM Domino. While DAOS does a good job, it comes down to the question; “What is your main goal … Read More