Misconceptions About Email Retention Policies

The primary reason, perhaps the only reason, for retaining email messages is to be able to access them again in the future. A user may need to reference a message for business purposes or an email administrator may need to … Read More

Sherpa Enhancements in 2011

Prospective customers often ask me what differentiates Sherpa Software from competitors in our marketplace. After reviewing our solutions, they acknowledge that Sherpa delivers excellent tools for compliance and email management. I am convinced that customers are looking for more than … Read More

Sherpa Software to Introduce ToneCheck for Lotus Notes

Sherpa Software announced at IBM Lotusphere 2011, the development of ToneCheck for the Lotus Notes/Domino market. Sherpa has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Lymbix, Inc. to license their ToneAPI technology for this new product offering. Under the … Read More

Journaling vs. Archiving

Managing an organization’s email server archive can seem like a night time hike over rocky ground. There are frequently conflicting requirements and policies ready to trip you up (storage constraints, e-discovery demands, legal compliance, user access, etc.) Even the terminology … Read More

Avoid Common Email Archiving Mistakes – Podcast

In this audio webcast, Mark Diamond discusses common mistakes organizations make when implementing email archiving strategies. From understanding the fundamental differences between archiving and backup, to staying away from underground archiving you’ll get the expert advice you need to properly … Read More

A Closer Look at How You Can Benefit from Archiving the Right Way

Information management challenges exist when you begin an email retention policy project because it can mean changes for the way people interact with their email. These projects often contain several complexities including keeping end-users in compliance with the policy and … Read More