Top Electronic Discovery Resolutions for the New Year

In the spirit of the season, the support team here at Sherpa Software have come up with a list of suggested New Year’s Resolutions for beleaguered  IT admins and legal professionals dealing with electronic discovery and other information management challenges. … Read More

What Are Outbound Email Messages Costing Your Company?

Despite some sensational claims that email is dead, we can probably agree that we will have email for many years to come. It remains a core business tool. However, maintaining an email infrastructure doesn’t come cheaply. In addition to the … Read More

Formulating an effective data leak strategy

Information security has certainly been the subject of headline news lately. Most of the press revolves around the WikiLeaks story but within the last thirty days both McDonalds and Walgreens have also publicly acknowledged the loss of customer data providing grim evidence … Read More

Searching Notes Email Within the Legal Discovery Process

By Harvey Coblin. Published 2010-10-14 14:21:35 With the increasing use of electronic documents and communication, finding strategic information for legal or compliance purposes is critical. Key components to any successful electronic discovery include 1) complete and consistent results, and 2) … Read More

Compliance Attender Tackles Phishing SPAM

Like many others, Sherpa Software was hit earlier this month by SPAM. Links, purporting to come from the social media site LinkedIn, led end-users to an attack web site. Initially, these messages were slipping past our primary email filter. Since … Read More

What is ROI?

Not a hard question, right?  We all know ROI stands for Return on Investment, but what does that really mean?  Given the fact that IT departments are being asked to demonstrate ROI on their IT decisions more than ever, it … Read More