Of course you don't SPAM, do you?

Can anything good be said about unsolicited commercial e-mail [UCE] or unsolicited bulk e-mail [UBE], more commonly known as “spam?” In case you are unsure, the correct answer is no. Outside of the spammers themselves, no one likes spam. The … Read More

Think Spring!

Well this year has started off with a bang!  It’s been crazy around the Sherpa office with new business installations as well as existing customer support and upgrades and tons of activitiy around new events, new tools and new resources.  … Read More

Delaying Delivery of a Message in Lotus Notes

Delayed Delivery is a Compliance Attender feature the Sherpa Software Domino Team feels should be in the Notes Mail application natively. It lets the sender of a message decide to postpone the actual delivery of the message until a specified … Read More

How Do You Manage What You Don’t Know About?

As email administrators, one of our information management challenges is to monitor the activity on the Exchange server and implement policies to control email data storage. Unfortunately that is just a portion of the ESI data that might be relevant … Read More

Part 3: What data do you need to keep?

So now comes the million dollar question and one of the biggest information management challanges IT administrators face: What data to keep? So where do you begin? It really depends on who you ask and a lot of it goes … Read More

Part 4: Data Storage and Access

So, you’ve started working on defining your policy and have a handle on what data to keep, now the next big questions is: Where do I keep the information? Knowing where data is stored and who has access to it … Read More