New Features in Discovery Attender 3.7

Currently undergoing Beta testing, Discovery Attender 3.7 is scheduled for release by the end of second quarter 2011. In other words, pretty darn soon! Version 3.7 is a major release with lots of new features and upgrades that will excite … Read More

Email Data Storage Best Practices: Email Hoarders

Recently published on, Sherpa Software’s Denny Russell discusses best email data storage practices for dealing with what he calls “email hoarders.” Be on the Lookout for Email Hoarders View more documents from Sherpa Software.

THE JOY OF BOOLEAN (Thoughts on crafting effective search syntax)

It may not seem obvious, but crafting search syntax is often a difficult part of the search equation. It’s reasonable to assume that most search tools on the market today are going to use Boolean logic to define the search … Read More

Terminology in Electronic Discovery

Customers of Sherpa Software’s electronic discovery tool, Discovery Attender, come from a variety of backgrounds. Users range from dedicated IT professionals with little knowledge of legal terms to legal professionals with vague ideas regarding technical nomenclature. There are a variety … Read More

Misconceptions About Email Retention Policies

The primary reason, perhaps the only reason, for retaining email messages is to be able to access them again in the future. A user may need to reference a message for business purposes or an email administrator may need to … Read More

Sherpa Enhancements in 2011

Prospective customers often ask me what differentiates Sherpa Software from competitors in our marketplace. After reviewing our solutions, they acknowledge that Sherpa delivers excellent tools for compliance and email management. I am convinced that customers are looking for more than … Read More