10 Ways to Keep Textbook Prices Low for Your College Student: Thinking Outside the Campus Bookstore

It’s that time of year for the older kids – back to college to continue their education. While high school students are most worried about a fresh new “first day of school outfit,” many college students (and especially parents) are … Read More

Cloud vs. In-house: Making the best decision for your company

For many companies, the question is whether to keep their data in-house or on a cloud server. According to Sherpa Software’s Rick Wilson, solutions architect, either solution could be applicable. Deploying a solution in the cloud requires trusting some aspects … Read More

Discovery Attender 3.9; Come on Down!

The latest version of Discovery Attender will be on its way to customers in a few short weeks. Due to release in just over a month, here is a preview of what the development team has been working on for this new 3.9 … Read More

Free Infographic: Where are you housing your data? IT Admins Weigh In!

A recent survey, with 104 respondents, asked IT admins questions pertaining to their ESI (electronically stored information). Here’s what they had to say! Free Infographic: Where are you housing your data? IT Admins Weigh In! from Sherpa Software [hs_action id=”4086″]

Structured and Unstructured Data: What is It?

If left unmanaged, your data can become overwhelming, making it difficult to procure information you need when you need it. While software (including Sherpa’s) is designed to address archiving, e-discovery, compliance, etc., the overarching goal is most always the same: … Read More

Off the Topic: Accidental Inventions that Changed the World

Accidents occur on a daily basis.  Although the world generally looks at accidents as an unfortunate experience, experts estimate that somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of all scientific discoveries are in some way accidental.  Accidents actually have played a … Read More