Expanding Your Information Governance Reach

Recently, we’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the tasks associated with Information Governance and what tools can aid in that effort. It seems clear that information management and risk mitigation are key components of any successful information governance … Read More

From Email Management to Information Governance

For over 12 years, Mail Attender for Exchange has been the flagship Sherpa product for the Exchange platform. From its humble beginnings, offering a very granular method of identifying email to delete in Exchange 5.5 and 2000, it has evolved … Read More

Understanding the Sherpa Keyword Tester

Despite the myriad of features in Sherpa Software’s Attender products, a large percentage of the support calls we receive are questions about how to craft effective search syntax for keyword searches. Originally introduced in Discovery Attender for Exchange, one of … Read More

Exporting Domino Messages to .EML Files

More and more we are hearing that companies need to convert Domino email messages into EML files. So what is EML and how are the messages viewed? What is EML? EML is a common file extension for email messages. The … Read More

Gensui Acme Imaging – Episode 5: Archive Consolidation

By Grant Lindsay The following is part five of an ongoing fictional story, based on a true-to-life situation. (You can read part four here.) The names of companies and people are fictitious, but the situations they face are the same … Read More

7 Keys to a Successful IBM Connections Deployment

In part one of the IBM Connections Overview we looked at what it is and how to use it. Now that you have that basic understanding, we want to look at best practices for successfully rolling this platform out to users within … Read More