Where Does Google Store Its Data?

For those of us who use the internet on a regular basis, Google is the great answerer of interrogatives. Have a question? Be it common (What is the difference between an acid and a base?) or more obscure (How do … Read More

Options for Email Archiving

In today’s business climate, where electronic communication seems to prevail over all other mediums, it becomes necessary to keep track of who said what to which client and when. There’s such a slew of information exchanged via email that it … Read More

Sherpa Software: We are Here to Help

As with most administrative tools, a lot of our customers try to figure out why something is not working prior to contacting support.  Although they may figure out the solution on their own, they often end up doing more harm … Read More

Crafting a Company Email Policy

In the last several years, it’s become standard practice to use email at work — for office communication, corporate contacts and clients, and sometimes personal use. Given the mass use of this convenient communication tool (indeed, many of us can … Read More

Information Management is the Key

Sherpa recently hosted a webinar on the topic of “Information Management is Key to Litigation Preparedness.”  As a co-presenter, I thought it would be helpful to offer a summary for interested readers. Many organizations struggle to respond to requests from litigation, … Read More

A Lotus Notes History Lesson

Given the amount of fun we had writing our Microsoft Exchange history lesson, we figured we’d take the time (and enjoyment) to come up with a similar history lesson for Lotus Notes. Just as we did for Exchange, we’ve included … Read More