The Sherpa Approach: Discovery Attender – The Swiss Army Knife in Your Information Management Toolbox

Discovery Attender from Sherpa Software is an e-Discovery tool designed to automate the search and collection of electronically stored information (ESI) in a cost-effective, efficient and reproducible manner. Although it may seem like Discovery Attender is used primarily for e-Discovery … Read More

Sherpa Short Story: Data Leakage at Gensui Imaging

The following is a fictional story, based on a true-to-life situation. The names of companies and people are fictitious, but the situations they face are the same as those faced by many companies. Perhaps, as you read the events unfolding … Read More

PSTs: Fight or Flight?

Written by: Srinivasan Balaji One of the most discussed topics for Exchange administrators in the past few years has been PST files.  The trend continues as they were the overwhelming topic of conversation in the vendor areas of Microsof Exchange Connections … Read More

Searching Exchange Journal Messages

As discussed in one of my previous articles, Exchange journaling gives administrators the ability to record all email communications within an organization.  If the sender or recipients (including those on a distribution list) have their journaling setting enabled, the email … Read More

Upcoming Webinar Preview: Lotus Domino Compliance Checklist

In reading a recent article about email regulations, it is clear that businesses are leaving themselves exposed to potential litigation or compliance issues due to a lack of clear-cut corporate email archiving and retention policies. According to, “The survey, … Read More

Email and the Pony Express: Three Common Themes

Email and the Pony Express have been compared before (not necessarily in the most positive of lights). Given that both are (or were) systems of mail delivery, this isn’t especially shocking. There are, however,  innumerable differences between the two. One … Read More