Mail Attender Update: Remove Duplicates When Importing PSTs

The ability to locate PST files and import them into Exchange mailboxes has long been a favorite feature within Sherpa’s Mail Attender for Exchange. With the most recent update to Mail Attender 4.7 SP1, we’ve added the ability to deduplicate … Read More

How to Journal Email with IBM Lotus Domino

Introduction Today, we want to show you how to set-up journaling on your IBM Lotus Domino server. For this article, we will assume that you either are a Domino Administrator or are familiar, to some extent, with Domino server administration. … Read More

Cloud Offering for Sherpa Software Lotus Notes Products

Within the past two years, we have heard a few customers asking about ‘Cloud’ solutions for their mail archives, graveyards and journals. This was not a feature that we offered, however, Sherpa is very happy to report, that this has … Read More

Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes (May 2012)

In Discovery Attender 8.1.25, a new architecture for the Discovery Attender Results database was introduced. This architectural change provided Sherpa’s development team with the ability to leverage many new ideas which are becoming a reality within Discovery Attender 8.1.28. Scheduled … Read More

Sherpa Software Streamlines Data Analysis for ECA, Compliance, and Storage Administration

Report Attender Mines an Organization’s Most Valuable Electronically Stored Information: Answering Critical Questions about Content, Size, Age and Importance. PITTSBURGH, PA – May 8, 2012 – Sherpa Software, a leading provider of e-Discovery and information management solutions, today announced the … Read More

Off the Topic: May is National Barbecue Month

Did you know that May is National Barbecue Month?  Even though the winter here in Pittsburgh was a pretty mild one, we (and everyone else around the nation, I’m sure) are looking forward to the nice spring/summer months of outside … Read More