Did You Know: How to let users search with Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes?

Now that you have Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes set up and ready to run, you need to give the appropriate people the ability to search. There are multiple ways to accomplish this task.

  1. You could set the ACL of the dsattend.nsf so that individual users or groups are set to Author with the “Request” role.  This will allow them to open the Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes database and create a new search or update an existing one that is still pending.  They will not have the ability to alter any of the settings that the Administrator setup.
  2. You could add a search form within their mail file and they can create the search right from their Lotus Notes client.
  • To make this change, you’ll first need to install the Discovery Attender Template (disctplt.ntf).  This is found in the Discovery Attender Installation database.
  • From within the template database, you’ll need to add 2 design elements (a form and an action).
  • Users will then be able to go to the Actions menu and choose Discovery Attender Tools – Search.

If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact Sherpa support!

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