Directory links for subfolders

When needing to create a Domino server software directory link for subfolders, you need to be sure to not try to accomplish the task all in one step. For instance, if you want to create a folder structure for a directory link that includes a subfolder, you cannot simply add a ” (slash) to the directory link name (e.g. folder1folder2.dir). Though Domino (for some reason) allows you to name the directory link with a slash, it is not used when you attempt to reference it, but instead uses the right-most folder name as the directory link name. So in my example, of ‘folder1folder2.dir’, Domino will ‘rename’ the link to be folder2.dir instead.

If you need multiple folder levels represented by a directory link, simply do the following:

1. Create a ‘hard’ folder within the Domino server data structure (e.g. folder1).

2. Within the newly created folder, create a directory link to the subfolder (e.g. folder2.dir).

Now when accessing the server, you will have the desired folder structure and a viable directory link. So if I do a Ctrl-O (Application open), I would see a folder named ‘folder1’ and when I double-click that folder, I would see a folder2 subfolder within it.

Note: You might need to restart your server after creating the directory link in order for the Domino server to recognize it.

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