Discovery Attender in the Real World

Discovery Attender is used by companies/firms of all sizes in a variety of industries, as well as governmental entities and nonprofit organizations. While the product is designed to be able to search any Notes application, the vast majority of current users employ Discovery Attender to search email for keywords and phrases. In some cases, these entities are involved in current litigation. In others, organizations are conducting internal audits to reduce the potential for future exposure.

Pending litigation and the need to search employee email is the prime motivation for deploying a tool like Discovery Attender. However, there are many other uses. Email is the most common type of data being searched, although Discovery Attender can, in fact, search any Notes Application (and some file types outside of Notes). Common targets are typically names of specific products or names of specific individuals, either internal or external.

For example, a large law firm (300+ attorneys) uses Discovery Attender to search internal emails (both active and archived) looking for correspondence between firm attorneys and specific clients, usually limited to a given date range. In addition, searches are conducted of email exchanged between attorneys looking for documents that may pertain to specific cases.

Manufacturers use Discovery Attender to track correspondence referencing specific products or parts (e.g. patent numbers or part numbers).

An insurance firm uses Discovery Attender to produce documents needed for environmental and construction defect litigation. Typically, the arbitration may be between two disputing insurance companies over the resolution of claims settlements. Discovery Attender is used to perform extensive keyword searches of internal emails, with the results eventually being handed over to outside counsel.

In another unique application, a state agency uses Discovery Attender’s “pattern search” or RegEx features to identify any databases that might contain private social security numbers. Another common pattern search would be hunting for credit card numbers.

Discovery Attender continues to evolve as customer needs do, and much of it’s feature set has come from your suggestions. Sherpa’s goal is to continually increase Discovery Attender’s capabilities while retaining its ease of use.

For more information on Discovery Attender’s capabilities, contact Sherpa Support.

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