It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Discovery Attender 3.8!

The release of Version 3.8 of Discovery Attender is just around the corner!   Users will find improvement in all aspects of the application from a refreshed interface to updated views.  Read on for a glimpse of what’s coming…

Preview Pane
A huge sigh of relief can be heard by everyone who reviews results in Discovery Attender.  No longer will it be necessary to double click on a result to see its contents.  The preview pane has been integrated into the results view rendering all text in html with hit highlighting.   

Office 365
For users venturing into the cloud, Discovery Attender 3.8 will include the ability to directly search Mailboxes and Online Archives in Microsoft’s Office 365 deployments. Users have the choice of direct access (mailbox name with password), or connection through impersonated accounts.  These data stores will be treated just like any other mail store for searching, indexing, copying or opening results.   Messages and attachments are automatically cached for easier post-search processing.

Pause Search
This very popular request has been fulfilled in version 3.8.  Users will have the option to stop a search that is currently running and restart it at a later time without losing any of the collected data.

Original Search Epression View
Users now have three ways to view search expression statistics – by Leaf (individual keyword which matches the criteria), by Branch (specific portions of the search expression that match the criteria), and now –  Original Source Expression.

Auto-Assign Custodians
Version 3.8 introduces a feature that scans metadata fields using selected properties (address, alias, name, etc.) to automatically assign custodians to results.  The exports have also been improved to eliminate unnecessary prompts.

Search EML as Email
Loose messages that are in .eml format will be searched as email. Previous versions of Discovery Attender could search these items as files (i.e. with keyword criteria), but 3.8 will include options to filter by addresses, dates, attachments and other email specific criteria.

In addition to the above, the PreSearch tool has not been neglected.  It now sports a new menu as well as full support for Webmail (IMAP) to PST as well as Office 365 to PST (or EML).

To see a full listing of the many features included in the this exciting new release,  be sure to check out the ‘What’s Coming’ document on our web site.

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