New Compliance Attender Module: Classification

Sherpa Software has recently released a new module in Compliance Attender for Lotus Notes: Machine Assisted Message Classification.

Machine Assisted Classification is the act of automatically adding or modifying headers (i.e., items) on messages as they move through the email environment. The reasons for classifying email vary by organization and industry, but may include: grouping like messages together for electronic discovery, applying security and access control to messages of a certain type and managing the life-span of messages based on their relevancy to the business or to regulations.

The new Classifying module within Compliance Attender replaces IBM Lotus Domino’s Mail Rules with functionality that is not available inherently. It is designed to be simple, yet flexible, letting the end user build the rule set that solves your needs, without assuming any particular need in advance. Based on rules defined by the organization, Compliance Attender automatically adds or modifies special message headers so that the message becomes tagged (or classified) for later processing.

Compliance Attender lets you precisely target the messages to classify. Selection options include all basic message characteristics (e.g., all address fields, subject and body content, message size, etc.) In addition, Compliance Attender allows the Domino administrator to select messages based on advanced properties that are not available with the inherent mail rules in Domino. Custom message items (fields) and wildcard pattern matching within addresses or content are examples of these.

Additionally, you may specify as many classification rules (i.e., Compliance Restrictions) as you need and each Compliance Restriction can define multiple headers and values. This gives you the capability to represent either simple, straight-forward or complex hierarchical classifying logic as needed.

Messages that have been classified (or tagged) can be processed further, either by Compliance Attender or by another process. For example, messages with certain classifications may have a longer retention period or may need to be restricted from routing to external recipients.

All of this is accomplished with no additional servers or hardware.

How might you use Compliance Attender’s classification module?
There are many ways, but let’s imagine a product company that makes gizmos. Product Management wants to see what customers and prospects are reporting on the “gizmo” product via email, regardless of where the message came from or to whom it was sent. Compliance Attender could be configured to classify (i.e. tag) any inbound messages that have the word “gizmo” in the body with a header called “X_Product” and a value of “gizmo.”

Later, all such messages can be discovered easily in a search (e.g., find all messages where the header X_Product = “gizmo”.) In this way, Product Management can get the product feedback they need. Additionally, the tagged messages may be collected together into a journal either to make this discovery even easier or to comply with industry or government regulations.

In a similar way, the secrecy of a new product, “widget,” can be protected. Having classified a message that contains this product name, the mail router could be configured to reject such messages for external recipients where the header “X_Product” has the value “widget,” while still allowing these to be delivered internally.

Managing email is hard enough. When legal and regulatory weight bears down, let Compliance Attender do the heavy lifting for you. For more information on the new classification module within Compliance Attender, contact Sherpa Software today!

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