Off-the-topic: Top 5 iPhone apps for the “Type A” crowd

Are you a little “Type A?” If so, you might’ve heard people tell you this, and you may have laughed a little at the idea, or even just shrugged it off as a joke.

It’s a real thing, though.

As a Type A person myself, I possess every single quality that has been associated with this group: tendencies for high stress levels, perfectionism, irritation from distractions and impatience for incompetence. I hate waiting in lines. I’m an overachieving workaholic. I have a competitive side. I’m the one at the party that is busy making sure everyone else is having a good time. I talk over people unintentionally because my mind is going at 1,000 miles a minute, even though I’ve just listened to every word they’ve said at the same time. (I’m also a pleasant person… figured I’d mention that.)

Because of these qualities, however, organization is essential to my lifestyle – and what better way to stay organized than the one lifeline I carry with me at all times? I’m talking about my iPhone, of course. Here are my top 5 apps to stay organized, and the different functions they serve.



Ever go to a trade show or a networking event and return with a slew of business cards? Gone are the days that you see a rolodex on everyone’s desks anymore. These days, the internet (specifically, LinkedIn) plays a huge part in connecting with other industry experts.

With the CardMunch app (only available for the iPhone), simply use your phone to capture a photo of the card and shortly, the app connects with a transcription team to accurately transform business cards into contacts – this information is also viewed by at least three humans before it is fully processed, to guarantee accuracy. This contact information includes full LinkedIn profile data, when available.

This OCR tool is pretty incredible, and not to mention, helps people to avoid carrying anything extra. I’m all about de-cluttering and business cards are clutter to me. You do have to be a LinkedIn member in order to use this app, but it’s worth it… and wait, why aren’t you already a member of LinkedIn anyway?!


This app is essential for just about anybody; not only does it automatically sync your Camera Roll photos so that you’ll never lose them, but it’s also a program downloadable for your computer. Whether you’re at work, at home or on the go, just “drop” a file into your Dropbox folder on any device and it’ll be there for use wherever you have the app downloaded (your phone, tablet or computer.)

Say goodbye to the days of emailing yourself photos, files and more; Dropbox is one of my absolute favorite apps that I use for both my personal and professional life. Once you’ve gotten used to it, you can even use features such as Selective Sync on your computer, which helps to avoid the program taking up too much local drive space, and sending links of files/photos to friends over text and email rather than sending files that take up space on your phone. I recommend this app wholeheartedly; I use it every day.


Do you feel like you could do a little better with your personal finance? This app helps users to stay within their budget by allowing them to track spending and will divide it into various categories, therefore providing a nice visual of how money is being spent.

Mint provides advice on how to meet a savings goal and shows how financial decisions made in the present will impact savings at the end of the month or year. By allowing Mint to send push notifications, the user can receive various alerts to notify them of when they are going over budget in a certain category, or when their account is low.

Personally, this app is great to budget how much I’ll need per month for groceries and other odds-and-ends. It also shows me when I have a little wiggle room with my finances, to reward myself with a new pair of shoes or even tickets to an event in Downtown Pittsburgh.

My Fitness PalCalorie-Counter-MyFitnessPal-Icon

Oh, desk jobs… we love what we do, but you have to admit that health and fitness is a lot tougher on people that sit and type all day than it would be for those who are up and about, like caretakers of children or even restaurant servers.

It’s been said that personal health and fitness is based 20% on exercise and a whopping 80% of what we eat. That said, people who are health-conscious or actively trying to lose weight may want to count calories to keep track of what they are consuming.  Some people keep journals, others keep it in mind – but for me, I use the My Fitness Pal app to monitor how much I eat per day, and also, what I’m eating throughout the week.

The app includes a barcode scanner for store-bought meals/foods and even has a section where users can keep track of the calories they burned during a workout. Personally, I like the charts included within this app that show me if I’ve been eating a good ratio of protein/carbs/fiber, and if I need to be drinking more water or eating more/less calories throughout my day. To me, this kind of organization is at the top of my list, because I can’t do anything else if I’m not healthy. I recommend this app for not only the health-conscious crowd, but also those who think that they could keep better track of their nutrition and fitness.


This PayPal-like app for the iPhone is great for when you and your friends go to that Mexican restaurant down the street that you just LOVE, but that sometimes just refuses to split the checks. Your friend agrees to pick it up as long as he/she can get paid back in a timely manner. With Venmo, you can repay them for your meal in a matter of 60 seconds or less.

With just the touch of a button (and the small matter of a friend request accepted by that specific person), you can send them that $14.65 you owe them right away and even provide a description of the payment so that they know for future reference.

I recommend this app for the convenience of it, as well as the security functions involved and the simple user interface.


Next time you think about simplifying your routine, consider the apps above. If you use other helpful apps and would like to share, please comment in the box below. I’d love to hear what works for you!


These endorsements are my own personal opinions of these apps, not representing my company or coworkers. 



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