Off the topic: What happens online in 60 seconds and social media as a game changer

If you’re reading this, then you are one of the billions of people participating in online activity each and every day. Sure, that’s not a surprising fact, but are you aware of the staggering amount of updates, additions, and interactions that occur in just one minute? Think about it. Whether you send emails, post on social media networks, or search information on Google, all of that data adds up. In fact, the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong gathered data over the course of two years and compiled the infographic below.


It’s no surprise that the world wide web is an evolving system, changing by the millisecond. But did you expect these types of numbers? In just 60 seconds:

  • 204 million emails are sent
  • 50 billion messages are sent via Whatsapp
  • 120 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube

That is some pretty impressive information to take in! What’s more, the volume of data growing each year continues to skyrocket. According to Hootsuite, “Expect e-commerce and social media integrations to deepen in 2015.” Now, users are not only interacting with each other via social media and online tools, but e-commerce has made its way to the party. This is not limited to online purchases alone, users will also have the ability to send each other money over Facebook messenger, for example. Marketers are calling this concept s-commerce, for social media commerce. No longer do you need to send a check via snail mail or remember to stop at the ATM; money transfers can happen with the click of a button. Soon we’ll see e-commerce added to the infographic above.

Social Media Adoption
The impressive statistics within the infographic, primarily social media, has changed the way people market themselves and their organizations. For many years, companies could get away without a social media presence.  But as online interaction continues to evolve, so will their mindset and strategy. According to

  • 62% of marketers are increasing Facebook activity in 2015
  • 72% of marketers plan on increasing use of video and want to learn more
  • 58% of marketers spend more than 10 hours a week on social media

Are you planning to increase your online involvement this year? Whether you actively participate or not, one thing holds true – the world wide web will continue to grow and evolve.

Going Mobile
Did you know that worldwide mobile penetration is now at 93%? Or that social websites and apps are among the most used features on mobile? People are now doing most of their online activity via mobile which not only effects the way they are reached, but also how information is displayed. A responsive website is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a must-have. Why spend thousands of dollars on messaging and branding, when a user will get frustrated with a non-responsive site and bounce off within five seconds?

Another mobile-specific growth is the use of geotargeting and geofencing. According to emarsys, “With technological progress in terms of geofencing and geotargeting retailers should put mobile and owned mobile apps at the core of their marketing activities reaching their customers with timely and highly contextual messages on a one-to-one basis.” Because people are using mobile devices more and more, companies can use this data to see what regions are most beneficial to focus on.

Get on Board
While some social media outlets fluctuate, theoverall category will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. Don’t miss out on the many perks of engaging with people online for business or pleasure. Happy posting!

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