Best (but not most followed) practices

Best practices often fall by the wayside when programs are implemented quickly, and then immediately run with little consideration toward training or documentation. Proactive maintenance and correct usage of features can help dramatically reduce the amount of time and energy … Read More

Cloud Computing: Is the Risk Worth the Reward?

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Information Governance: What IT professionals need to know

EDiscovery and computer forensics expert Karen Schuler, along with Rick Wilson, VP of Strategy & Solutions at Sherpa Software and an AIIM-Certified Information Governance Practitioner, discuss the fundamentals of what a good information governance strategy should include. The video below will provide … Read More

Sherpa Software shares industry expertise, best practices for information governance at MER 2014

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Reducing the cost of email management

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Information Governance vs. Records Management – Is there a Difference?

I often hear clients make statements much like this one: “We already manage the documents in our environment, so we don’t need to worry about information governance (IG), right?” It’s easy to either confuse these two types of programs or, … Read More