Putting the 'ME' in social media

I’m often asked how I manage to keep track of all the social sites that I belong to:  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.  Not only do I have my own personal accounts, but I also manage several other accounts … Read More

Case Study: A PST Migration Story

With compliance and other requirements necessitating the elimination of loose PST files, companies are burdened with moving this data to a centralized repository in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner. However, PST files are often dispersed throughout an organization’s network … Read More

White paper: How to use IBM Connections for projects & more

How many projects have you worked on that consisted of endless meetings with no clear next steps, ongoing email threads that were hard to follow and water cooler talk that left others out of the conversation? While all of these … Read More

IBM Connect 2014: Attendee survey results (Free infographic)

Earlier this year at the IBM Connect show, we decided to survey the show attendees to get a feel for their business needs, what they forecast for their business in 2014 and more.  From these results, an infographic was created for your … Read More

The Evolution of the Electronic Information Lifecycle

Information does not appear in a vacuum. It can and does take on a life all its own, which needs to be managed accordingly.  Digital data, for example, can be created without notice – which can then expand and proliferate as … Read More

Advance Features of Mail Attender

In this article, I will be covering some of the most useful (and sometimes unknown) features found in Mail Attender.  Mail Attender is a robust administrative tool designed to provide complete control over the content found in Exchange and O365 … Read More