Proactive Steps for Effective Response to Litigation

The recent post Information Management is the Key mentioned several steps that are recommended to help organizations effectively handle legal discovery.  Additionally, it covers vital data requests such as subpoenas, governmental inquiries or even internal investigations.   This post will provide some more detail on … Read More

Managing ESI from the Cloud: An Introduction to Attender Online

Legal changes have brought a new level of challenge to IT administrators and corporate compliance officers in the last several years. In an era of HIPAA rules and Sarbanes-Oxley regulation, defining and enforcing formal document retention policies is critical for … Read More

Announcing Mail Attender v5.0

If you’ve heard the rumors, they are true – Mail Attender v5.0 is currently being developed and will be released this summer! Mail Attender is a comprehensive tool for Microsoft Exchange email management.  In addition to getting a facelift, Mail Attender … Read More

Thanks for meeting us in St Louis at IamLUG!

Sherpa Software had a great time talking about our new Data Decryption services as well as our other Notes products last week in Missouri at the 4th annual IamLUG meeting; not only did we get a chance to talk shop … Read More

Mail Attender Processing Speed Increased

My mom always told me that if something appears too good to be true, that it probably is. This statement holds true in many things, including programming in LotusScript. We have found a property within the NotesView class that appeared … Read More

Off the Topic: History of the Kentucky Derby

For this month’s Off the Topic article, we will explore the interesting history behind the Kentucky Derby, with help from NewsDay and  Why now?  Because (as you’ll read below) the first Kentucky Derby took place in the month of May back in … Read More