What's New in Discovery Attender?

Every so often we have the opportunity at Sherpa to ease back, put our feet up, dream of sitting on a beach with our toes in the sand, sipping a nice drink of our choice and watching the world go … Read More

Webinar – Managing ESI from the Cloud

If you missed the recent live webinar, “Managing ESI from the Cloud,” you can watch the recording below. Join J. Peter Bruzzese, Microsoft Certified Trainer and CIO & CoFounder of ClipTraining and Rick Wilson, Solutions Architect for Sherpa Software’s MS … Read More

E-Discovery in Exchange 2013

Microsoft has revamped its email server offerings with the introduction of Exchange 2013. Among the major areas of improvement are the enhanced electronic discovery capabilities. Electronic discovery (e-discovery) is the process of identifying, preserving, collecting and producing all electronic information … Read More

Why You Need Retention Policies

“To retain or not to retain?” that is the question. There are many organizations who are considering adopting a document retention policy. In fact, many companies are required to by law. But what about the companies who are not legally … Read More

What's to Be Done with PSTs: Capture, Migrate, Eliminate?

This article was originally publishedby B. K. Winstead in Exchange and Outlook Blog on March 28, 2013 If a tool falls in the marketplace and no one notices, does it make a sound? Or rather, is it a tool anyone needs? Last month, Microsoft … Read More

IBM Connect 2013 Wrap-Up

Year 20 of the conference formerly known as Lotusphere kicked off and brought many changes for the crowd that bleeds yellow.  Right from the start, you could tell it was going to be different.  Some embraced the “IBM Connect” change, … Read More