XPages Meets Discovery Attender

Sherpa Software makes an effort to be up-to-speed on industry related products, services and the latest technology. Recently, we made our initial dive into XPages, specifically targeting the Discovery Attender Results database. We are planning on eventually mirroring all client-based … Read More

Connect 4 Success at IBM Connect 2013

IBM Connect 2013 is just around the corner and we don’t want you to miss out on this year’s pre-conference cocktail party! Check out the brief video below for party details or register here!

New Mail Attender Features

Just in time for the new year, the developer elves at Sherpa have cooked up a fresh service pack for Mail Attender 4.7, including a number of handy new features that you may find useful. First off, it’s now possible to … Read More

A Message from Sherpa's President: New Year, New Start!

By Kevin Ogrodnik 2012 was a year of uncertainty with new elections, laws, policies and products affecting business, people and every day life. We are hoping 2013 will provide a clearer way forward. To meet the changing needs of customers, … Read More

Email Security and Safety

The internet can be a dangerous place. It is fun and highly entertaining, yes, but a risky environment nonetheless. This is especially true to the email sphere, where hackers like to lurk. Unfortunately we fall easily into email traps, but … Read More

Gensui Imaging: The Encrypted Journals Catastrophe

The following is part two of a fictional story, based on a true-to-life situation. (Part one is available here.) The names of companies and people are fictitious, but the situations they face are the same as those faced by many … Read More