Survey Says: Get Compliant!

On average, how much of your work day do you spend on the internet? At Sherpa software, we spend much of our weeks researching, communicating and collaborating with each other over the web. Quite frankly, we need the internet to … Read More

Mail Attender to Offer Office 365 Support

In recent months the Sherpa team has experienced a surge of interest in tools that will integrate with the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. As you may know, Discovery Attender was recently updated to allow searching of Office 365 content and … Read More

Discovery Attender 3.81 Now Available

Discovery Attender 3.81 has been released!  This release is a hot fix for the 3.8 version containing numerous improvements and fixes.  These include: 64-bit version (requires Outlook 64-bit) Expanded container item criteria to include Dates, Size and File Names Improved Container Items view including … Read More

Five Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity

Working in the technology industry, it can be difficult to shield oneself from the various distractions that are only a click away. Because the social media world is abuzz with the day’s hot topics, funny cat videos, and the most … Read More

A Synergy of Exchange Solutions

Sherpa Software delivers innovative software solutions focused exclusively around email management, electronic content filtering, document retention policy enforcement, and electronic discovery (also known as e-Discovery). Electronically stored information (ESI) can come in many forms, and managing that data effectively may … Read More

Historical Journaling

What is Historical Journaling? In a previous post, we explained and defined email journaling.  While a regular journal works well for capturing messages from the moment you turn it on, what can be done to capture messages that have already … Read More