E-Discovery Solutions in Litigation Support Software

If you’ve visited the Sherpa blog in the past, you know that we have a special place in our hearts for electronic data discovery (or e-discovery, for short). In the corporate world – a world in which towering file cabinets … Read More

E-Discovery in Microsoft Exchange 2010: Part 3

The following post is part three of a nine part video/blog series on e-discovery in Microsoft Exchange 2010. Thus far, Paul and Marta have taken an introductory look at e-discovery and the importance of ordained business processes. This week, they’ll … Read More

New Features in Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes!

Sherpa Software is preparing for the new release of our Discovery Attender for Notes 8.1.25 product which promises to include noticeable difference to our end users. The Discovery Attender Results database has undergone quite a transformation. Not only has the … Read More

New Release of Archive Attender Ready for Microsoft Exchange Users March 30th

The latest release of Archive Attender, slated for March 30th, will include additional features to the award winning software that include a new distributed architecture to increase scalability and stability and a redesigned search tool that combines message details and … Read More

Email Journaling in MS Exchange: The Good, the Bad, & the Journal

There are numerous organizations that need to retain their Exchange data or perform e-Discovery searches.  One of the challenges in doing so is that end-users can delete this data. Email journaling will ensure that even if your user deletes an … Read More

First View of Report Attender

Sherpa Software’s new data analysis tool, Report Attender, will soon be released to the eager public.  This program helps end-users make decisions and answer questions by categorizing files and messages from network shares and email stores.  Organizations will be able … Read More