E-Discovery Implications for Social Media

There’s an old joke where a man asks his wife, “Why do you always answer my questions with another question?” – To which she replies, “Why wouldn’t I answer your question with another question?” At Sherpa, we’re starting to be … Read More

New Compliance Attender Module: Classification

Sherpa Software has recently released a new module in Compliance Attender for Lotus Notes: Machine Assisted Message Classification. Machine Assisted Classification is the act of automatically adding or modifying headers (i.e., items) on messages as they move through the email … Read More

Throttling in Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 uses two different types of throttling to help manage the performance of your Exchange server: client and message throttling.  Client throttling tracks the bandwidth each Exchange user consumes and enforces restrictions as necessary. Message throttling are the restrictions … Read More

Exchange Team Product News

In has turned into an incredibly busy Autumn season here at Sherpa Software! In my last article, I recapped our upcoming Archive Attender 4 product release. On the heels of that post we conducted a webinar series to preview the new release … Read More

Did You Know: How to let users search with Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes?

Now that you have Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes set up and ready to run, you need to give the appropriate people the ability to search. There are multiple ways to accomplish this task. You could set the … Read More

Coming Soon to a Download Near You, DA 3.7, SP1

Service Pack 1 for Discovery Attender version 3.7 will be released in just a few weeks.  In addition to rolling up all the Hotfixes, Service Pack 1 contains a number of helpful improvements and features, including: Email Domain Views and … Read More