New Sherpa White Paper: Migrate PST Files

Sherpa Software has recently released a new white paper, “Migrate PST Files.” Outlook personal folder files, commonly known as PST files, have been around since the mid-1990’s. And the migration of PSTs has been a hot topic for many years. As … Read More

Archive Attender 4 to Debut Soon!

The next release of Sherpa Software’s Microsoft Exchange archiving product, Archive Attender, is nearing completion! For the last several weeks, the Sherpa support team has been working through the quality assurance testing cycle on Archive Attender 4 and we are close … Read More

Lotus User Group Summer Events

Being involved in the Lotus Notes community, you might have attended one or more of this summer’s LUG events. IT administrators from all over the world came together to collaborate and share new insights surrounding the future of Lotus Notes. … Read More

Information Management Challenges: Retention Policies & Exchange 2010

To address your organization’s information management challenges, Microsoft has revamped the way in which you can reduce your legal risk associated with email communications.  The Exchange 2010 Messaging Records Management (MRM) feature uses retention policies and tags to achieve this … Read More

Document Retention: Beyond the Software

What does “document retention” mean to you? More importantly, what (or who) is the driving force behind managing user information? Whether they’re looking to preserve, mine and/or retrieve data, or simply manage data storage and retention, Sherpa Software’s customers are … Read More

Need a Product Refresher?

It’s that time of year. Summer is coming to an end and kids are heading back to the classroom to brush up on their skills. They aren’t the only ones that might be a little rusty after a nice, relaxing … Read More