Notes With A Twist

Living in the Northeast, I can’t think of a better time to head south than this weekend for Lotusphere at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel in Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL.  Though, living in Pittsburgh, maybe attending the Super Bowl … Read More

Trim the Fat From Your Mail Files

What resolutions do you want to make and keep this year?  Have you only set personal goals or do you hope to start off the year right for your organization?  As an IT administrator, a healthier email environment is probably … Read More

Journaling vs. Archiving

Managing an organization’s email server archive can seem like a night time hike over rocky ground. There are frequently conflicting requirements and policies ready to trip you up (storage constraints, e-discovery demands, legal compliance, user access, etc.) Even the terminology … Read More

Exchange 2010 Offers Compelling Reasons to Upgrade

Upgrading to Exchange 2010 still remains a hotly debated topic. With its newly added features, though, Microsoft is now giving people a much better reason to upgrade. The main new features revolve around archiving, retention, and eDiscovery. An example of … Read More

Building a Comprehensive Notes/Domino Archiving Strategy – Podcast

Archiving content is a good policy for organizations that want to keep compliant, mitigate legal risks and be able to tap into the knowledge collected in Lotus Notes/Domino. When we think of archiving Notes/Domino we tend to only consider email; … Read More

Avoid Common Email Archiving Mistakes – Podcast

In this audio webcast, Mark Diamond discusses common mistakes organizations make when implementing email archiving strategies. From understanding the fundamental differences between archiving and backup, to staying away from underground archiving you’ll get the expert advice you need to properly … Read More