A Few PST Management Challenges

Thousands of regulations set in place over the past few years require organizations to retain their electronically stored information for compliance reasons. While some of this information is located in centralized data stores and is easily accessible, research reveals that a … Read More

Understanding Archiving and E-Discovery Limitations in Exchange 2010

According to a recent survey of 1,000 Exchange administrators, reported in our latest whitepaper, “Waiting to Upgrade: Understanding Archiving and Ediscovery Limitations in Exchange 2010,” only 30% of respondents plan to upgrade to Exchange 2010 immediately. With the promise of new and … Read More

Sherpa Software Partners with Hosted Archiving Vendors to Migrate End User Legacy Data to the Cloud

Sherpa Software has two new offerings for customers or partners using cloud-based email archiving systems. Through partnerships with hosted archiving vendors, end-users are now provided with an automated way to transfer their legacy data into the cloud. These offerings include:  An … Read More

Mail Attender® for Exchange Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

Sherpa Software recently announced the tenth anniversary of Sherpa Software Mail Attender for Microsoft® Exchange. “I use Sherpa Mail Attender – literally on a daily basis – for both my simple and ridiculously complicated tasks,” said Aaron D. Johnson, Enterprise … Read More

Discovery Attender in the Real World

Discovery Attender is used by companies/firms of all sizes in a variety of industries, as well as governmental entities and nonprofit organizations. While the product is designed to be able to search any Notes application, the vast majority of current … Read More

Fix Pack 3 now available for Lotus Domino 8.5.1

So why is this important? For several reason: 1. You should always get the latest fix on your servers 2. As you’ll see from the list below, there are several server crashes that are addressed. SPR# CSCT836HFL – View.getDocumentByKey and … Read More