Using fields of type 'Formula' and hiding design

For those of you who are ISVs and hide the design of your Domino databases to protect your investment, we have found something and I thought I’d share not only the problem (and irony), but the also the solution. We … Read More

Sherpa Webinar: 6 Things You Need to Know About Email Compliance Before It’s Too Late

Hosted by Windows IT Pro and presented by Sherpa Software Register by Clicking Here Compliance and email regulations and laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley(SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures have forced organizations to know more about email … Read More

Part 7: Ediscovery and Litigation – Are You Ready?

EDRM, the industry group tasked with developing ediscovery guidelines and standards defines ediscovery as “[the] process of finding, identifying, locating, retrieving, and reviewing potentially relevant data in designated computer systems.” Internal investigations, criminal complaints or corporate regulations occasionally drive information … Read More

Shared LotusScript Actions and Hiding Design

Hiding the design of a Domino server software database offers some interesting issues (i.e. when you have shared actions within forms/views) that are using LotusScript code. The problem is that sometimes the shared actions will cause ‘Use LSX’ errors when … Read More

Your Guide Through Email Terrain.

As Director of Marketing for Sherpa Software, I get to see a unique view of the electronic information management industry.  From industry trends to best practices to the competitive landscape, I will be sharing my perspective and examples of what … Read More

Sherpa Blog Roundup

Part of what it means to be a Sherpa, both on Mt. Everest and at Sherpa Software, includes sharing the most relevant information to help everyone navigate the rocky terrain better. We would like to share some information from recent … Read More