Saving Yourself Time and Money with your Ediscovery Plan

Sherpa Software’s Harvey Coblin, Product Manager – Discovery Attender for Notes, recently wrote an article for entitled Saving Yourself Time and Effort with your Ediscovery Plan.
This article provides Notes/Domino administrators a great resource and foundation towards developing an argument around how cost-effective it is to bring some parts of the ediscovery process in-house. Here is an excerpt from Harvey’s article:

Failure to preserve and retrieve relevant data, even when unintentional, can result in harsh penalties and adverse judgments. For companies that use Lotus Notes, data — email, email attachments, calendar entries, Sametime instant messages, Notes applications, and even documents produced outside the context of Notes — are all subject to search and subpoena for legal purposes.


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We understand how complicated and expensive the ediscovery process is, and we are committed to providing Domino server software professionals the resources and tools necessary to make the process more cost-effective and streamlined. For more information about Sherpa’s ediscovery solutions, check out

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