Sherpa Releases New Version of Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes

As you may have already read in previous posts, Sherpa Software’s Lotus Notes development team has been working on adding new features and upgrades to Discovery Attender 8.1.25. Updated features include the Results Database re-architecture, added export options, new search capabilities and an updated user interface.

Check out the latest video which includes an in-depth look at what Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes has to offer.

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Is e-Discovery at the top of your list of data management concerns? It should be! IT administrators, litigation support personnel and security consultants worldwide use the power of Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes to comply with legal requests and investigate internal misconduct.  Discovery Attender provides federated search functionality across all Domino databases without requiring any additional hardware.  While designed to be non-invasive, it has the power to search server-based  mail files, archives, journals, custom applications, local archives and loose files.

Has your organization been required to produce electronic data in response to subpoenas and discovery requests from inside counsel or court orders?   Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes has the ability to automate time intensive tasks while significantly cutting costs! It allows you to specify the keywords for which you are searching and will automatically produce a complete set of results within a Domino database without affecting the original messages. Discovery Attender can also deduplicate both messages and applications to help reduce the results set.

Discovery Attender is easy to use right from the start. Installation on your Domino servers typically takes less than five minutes. Discovery Attender can also be installed locally when needing to search loose files. Discovery Attender’s wizard will guide you step-by-step through the creation of a search. This allows you, the Domino administrator, control over who can create searches. To create a new search, simply specify what data should be searched, how it should be searched and where the results are to be placed.

Administrators can configure Discovery Attender to deduplicate the results. All you have to do is create a search in Discovery Attender and you will be notified when it is complete! Once your search is finished, you can easily designate redundant or non-relevant data to further narrow your result set.  The results can be annotated, labeled, redacted and exported.

Export either the full set or a specified subset of results. You can export to another Domino database, XML or EML. During the export, you could also choose to zip the exported data.
Discovery Attender can create a list of keyword matches, so that you can see which results contained search terms.Discovery Attender will provide an itemized list of messages per custodian, sent to or received from each email address, a list of possible custodians whose mail file was not searched, email addresses designated as Internal or External, plus much more! Discovery Attender also includes robust reporting and comprehensive statistics on a summary and detailed level too. This means, you’ll feel confident with Discovery Attender on your side!

Domino administrators, litigation support personnel, compliance managers and more use Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes for all their search and discovery needs. Whether you’re involved in litigation, e-discovery, or simply need assistance searching data, you’ll find Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes the solution for your organization!

But don’t take our word for it; here’s what our customers have to say:

  • Sherpa’s electronic data discovery software is fabulous!
  • Great Product!
  • Very Powerful and Easy to Use!
  • More of the Lotus community needs to be made aware of this product!
  • Searches are very quick and easy to use and administer.
  • I recommend this product.
  • Discovery Attender is a great product backed by an awesome support staff.

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